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Silver fish prevention

Every day we struggle with various insects that have inhabited our clients' homes. We know that controlling pests on one's own is not easy, so we come to help as a group of professionals. One of our usual tasks is silver fish prevention. This wingless pest is distinguished by its grayish colour and the particular way it moves. It can cause damage to your belongings - the pest chews paper, manuscripts, leather and textiles. They live mainly at night and we can find them near kitchens and bathrooms.

Commercial property maintenance

If you are looking for an experienced team that will properly tend to commercial property maintenance, look no further than our company. Having worked with clients such as Google and McDonalds, we know a thing or two about keeping a structure in a workplace. Our methods are made to raise productivity among your staff without overwhelming them. This task is not easy - but with the right preparation and a will to act we can help you run your business as it should be - give us a call if you want more details.

House movers Dublin

Planning a new chapter in life? It does not matter if you need to relocate just around the corner or to completely different city. You can always count on the best house movers in Dublin! Ever since 1977 we have been helping our clients transport all of their belongings in a smooth and efficient manner. Our experience taught us how to avoid common errors and how to solve even the most challenging problems. You can be sure that our trusted coordinators will keep you fully informed during the whole process.

Botox Dublin

If you are not happy with how you look and fear the ongoing aging process, surely you are looking for botox in Dublin, and you will find it in our clinic. Here our patients are offered medical treatments intended for - among other body areas - face and neck. People choose this treatment as a method of fighting frown lines and wrinkles. The toxin can be also used to try to reduce teeth grinding, gummy smile, migraines, or neck tension. You will find out more about it on our website, where there are also the prices of the injections.

Private covid test Cork

If you travel casually and fear that you might be an asymptomatic patient, you may take a private Covid test: PCR, antigen or antibody. All three of them have slightly different functions. They will confirm whether you had the coronavirus in the past or have it now and should be isolated. If you wish to book an appointment at our facility in Cork, just register through our website. If you arrive before 11 AM, you will receive your results on the same day. You will also receive additional information what to, if the results are positive.

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